Weekly Horoscope

Weekly Horoscope

Note: These horoscopes provided here are general purpose only, to get accurate predictions, please combine with your birth chart, moonsign, lagna, mahadasa and other details.

Weekly horoscope

July 25 to August 1st 2016

ARIES / Mesha (March 21 to April 20):
Good week for future planning buying property that you wanted to buy, start looking, make travels if it required, it will be beneficial. Your relationship with your spouse or girlfriend will be very good, and more better than before.

TAURUS / Vrishabha (April 21 to May 20):
If home front is good and family life is happy you'll be able to achieve more. If you are in market for job, you'll hear some good news. You'll have some interview lined up. Good week for some fixed assets/stocks.

GEMINI / Mithuna (May 21 to June 20):
Your old investments will earn money, your friends and family members will help in business to get new contracts, also good time to make some new contacts. You'll also plan a family outing.

CANCER / Karka (June 21 to July 22):
Your responsibility will increase, you'll need to help your family, or friends. Try to shake off laziness and work hard to avoid undue losses in your work/business. Good chance of short travel.

LEO / Simha (July 23 to August 22):
Happy wife is happy life, this is your mantra for the week. You will need your friends and family's advise at work or business related matters. You'll have a small family gathering this week.

VIRGO / Kanya (August 23 to September 22):
Your health will be good, but try to avoid over confidence. Over confidence can make you losses, have some patiences, and don't take any quick decisions, think carefully in all matters including property, finance, work, and love.

LIBRA / Tula (September 23 to October 22):
Pay more attention to your family, house matters. You'll get advises help from everywhere but take it like a pinch of salt and weigh every advise you get, someone may give you a wrong advise. Avoid arguments, heated discussions.

SCORPIO / Vrischika (October 23 to November 22):
Very very very busy week, you'll be very active to get new business, or meet your deadlines at work, You'll need to do more meditation to improve focus and shake off tiredness. You'll have new opportunities, and travels will be helpful.

SAGITTARIUS / Dhanush (November 23 to December 22):
Saturn and mars transiting over your 12th house, drive carefully, don't be lazy, avoid weak attention span, else you'll have to suffer big time. If you are travelling keep your eyes open on road and watch your luggage, and avoid eating outside.

CAPRICORN / Makara (December 22 to January 19):
Saturn, Mars combination in 11th house, means all wishes come true, more gains and visits to temples and holy places, getting your old debts collections back. Happy time.

AQUARIUS / Kumbha (January 20 to February 18):
Pay more attention at work more hard work means more success. Try to be nice to your girlfriend / spouse. Things will be delayed but finally it will work out. There will be an occasion to celebrate.

PISCES / Mina (February 19 to March 20):
Good time for investment, but do proper planning. There are chances for travel, if it happens you need to watch out for many things. Father's health will raise some concerns. Slow progress.